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Olympus Market® invitation! The next generation market. We are happy to announce the launch of the nextgen marketplace, Olympus. Our dedicated team has invested months in developing Olympus with the primary goal of becoming the most friendly and intuitive market on the DNM, for buyers and vendors alike. We strive to develop our own community, which is why we are colaunching discussion forums in a similar fashion to AlphaBays. Unlike other markets, we take security, maintenance and continuous development very seriously. We are a team of ITSec experts and DM veterans. While we are fully aware bugs may exist, we commit to providing a prompt response and bugfixes. TBH, we are proud of our alpha version. DdoS once we receive a heavy rain of DDoS attacks, in rare cases where our dedicated servers will not be able to mitigate the attacks (it should but it still might happen,) we will run a script that will switch hostnames automatically every certain period of time and will post the new hostnames to our subreddit and to all official communication channels for our customers. A special offer for top vendors with 1,000+ sales we offer to send you $500 worth of BTC after 30 days of vending on our market. We offer: * Bitcoin and Monero supported out of the box (few more to come + multisig in the coming weeks). * Experience: The ultimate User Experience in the entire DN. No more compromising for markets with shitty interface. Find what you are looking, minus the distractions. * Vendor Mandatory: 2FA: We demand 2FA from all of our vendors. * Buyer Security: Full escrow. Your safety is our number one priority. * Main Page Showcase: Showcase your top selling products on our homepage via an easytouse, ongoing auction format (on a weekly basis.) * Performance: We will put a big emphasis and effort into ensuring that Olympus loads up as fast as possible through reliable serverside caching solutions. * Vendor UX: Adding a product? Managing orders? Adding listings? It is never been easi
Set a bet amount first and then click the BET HI button to win if you roll a high number or the BET LO button to win if you roll a low number. Change the bet odds or the win chance to increase or reduce your win probability and tick the jackpots to win big prizes by rolling the number 8888!
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