Dumps Cards
Total scam! Do not buy anything there!
PREPAID CARDS VISA & MASTERCARD TRANSFER WESTERN UNION This is a prepaid debitcard, each card comes with pin code. The card can be used just like a debit card. You can use them in ATMs around the world or you can buy in any online store. !!! NEW !!! MoneyGram Transfer
We do offer you validated credit card details using a fully automated process and in a completely anonymous way without the need of providing any (personal) details. We don't keep logs any longer than necessary, all transactions are deleted within 24 hours. You can make your own choice out of a selection of presented credit card details. Payment method is Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, because these are the most anonymous ways to pay. No registration, No logging.
The site offers Cloned / PrePaid credit cards, You can also purchase money transfers via PayPal or Western Union The site is very professional and you can see that it is maintained by a professional team
Scam. Never Received PP transfer.
Scam. Never received the product ordered
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