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Have you ever asked why that goal went in or why that horse suddenly lost? Well it’s easy, they were fixed! Believe it or not but some of the richest people and athletes in sports cant resist the greed of money resulting in an easy bribe to throw a match or race. Fortunately we don't need to do the bribing as someone else does it for us! We sell exclusive access to some of the best fixed matches and races throughout the year resulting in some massive returns. We have rules which we must all follow to avoid being caught and drawing attention ourselves. Some months are quiet and we receive small amounts of information and other months are very active. Simple check back on your members dashboard every so often to make sure you don't miss out. All the information we provide on Fixed Sports Insider is handed to us by a syndicate of select individuals who all have infulence in an array of sports and over sporting officials. We are one of many distributors the syndicate sells to, which is why it's important for us to sell the correct amount of information and set the correct stake amount for the price. Can you trust us? You must be asking why we are willing to sell fixed information when we could bet on them and make hundreds of thousands ourselves. Well thats very true but as you will soon find out, after a while of constant winning bookmakers make it difficult to place big bets with them. Its for this reason that we decided to sell the information online as a revenue stream rather than the betting. Read our rules page to find out more about bookmakers and how to avoid being suspended.
We sell the cheapest and most reliable Facebook hacking service on the deep web.
Be anonymous Save your onion links online and anonymously we do not publish your .onion links only you can see them! Free No ads. We make this for love and the desire to contribute to Tor Network No storage limits Store as many bookmarks as you want
We buy Bitcoin at a price that is 25% above the market price. In other words, you sell us Bitcoin and make a 25% profit immediately!
High quality 20EUR bills with watermark and hologram. Premium paper made from cotton fiber. They pass the UV test and the pen test. They also work at vending machines.
Play Bitcoin Stack Game. No registration needed, no accounts, just send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, XLM and win. Last in wins the pot.