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Helix prides itself on being more than just a mixer and rather “the definitive darknet bitcoin cleaner”. Helix doesn’t just clean your bitcoins it gives you brand new ones which have never been to the darknet before. Helix provides various types of services, including Auto-Helix, Helix Light and Helix Market, which we will talk about in the “Additional Features” section Specifications: – Service fee (2.5%) – Minimum amount (0.02 BTC) – Customizable delay (optional, up to 24 hours) – Multiple address withdrawals (optional) – Gives you new clean coins In order to use Helix, you need to clean at least 0.02 BTC . The fee is not randomized and is always of 2.5%. Users need to register an account in order to use regular Helix although Helix Light and Helix Market do not require it. If you’re going to register an account with Grams, get ready to pay an entrance fee of 0.01BTC,
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