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Torum - Hacker/I.T Forum
evilweb please be patient. i know this site is pretty damn useless but as soon as hosting becomes available, ill build a new site
Tablón de texto en castellano
O mais novo fórum brasileiro da DeepWeb. Aberto a todos que falam português. Diversos assuntos. Requer registro.
Cebolla Chan es un foro en castellano donde se discuten temas en sus subforos: Tecnología, Erótica, Carding, etc. También contiene un mercado. Cebolla Chan is a spanish language forum which contains multiple discussion boards such as: Technology, Erotic, Carding. Also includes a market.
Deepweb community. News, links, reviews, live chat and more.
Site that offers paid hacking services. The cost is very low, try to believe.
The Dark Lair was born as a free message dashboard and shared gallery. Now this place is a real Social Network where Dark Net users can share their posts and engage